There are now 12 steps to recovery:
1. Don't let anyone touch your body.
2. Don't do drugs.
3. Don't see a doctor.
4. Don't go to a hospital.
5. If you smoke cigarettes to keep the dealer away, smoke non-filter, menthol 100's.
6. Don't get arrested.
7. Stay close to the Japanese language.
8. 65 to 22 age ratio in Chinese years.
9. Mom and Dad are good examples for family values.
10. Multiply your talents.
11. Accept eternal life.
12. Think of yourself as a Japanese or Karate Man.
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    Monday, April 23 2018, 09:17 AM - #Permalink
    Abandon drugs and cleanse the body is a great idea. Here is information on how long does MDA stay in your system?
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